If you are looking for a type of palm tree that is ornamental and of tropical beauty, we offer you the sale of Washingtonia Robusta palms wholesale

In the garden of an avenue or in the urbanization of some terraced houses, the palm trees are one of the most demanded categories of trees due to their spectacular nature and scarce need of attention.  At VIVEROS SOLER we offer you the sale of Washingtonia Robusta palms wholesale, a type of...

18 Jan 2021
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Don't know where you can buy Jubaea chilensis palms wholesale?

At VIVEROS SOLER we specialise in the cultivation of numerous types of palm trees originating from all over the world. If you wish to buy Jubaea Chilensis palms in bulk, your best option is to contact us. Also known as Chilean palm or coconut palm, this peculiar and elegant palm tree of...

15 Dec 2020
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VIVEROS SOLER, the best specialists in centenary olive trees and wholesale bonsai

For two generations at VIVEROS SOLER we have had a great demand for great specimens both in Spain and in other European countries. Our great dedication and long experience in the sector has made us the best specialists in hundred-year-old olive trees and wholesale bonsai. We are pioneers in the...

19 Nov 2020
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Are you looking for a wholesale Washingtonia robusta palm tree nursery?

If you are looking for a wholesale nursery for Washingtonia robust palms, at VIVEROS SOLER you will find an extensive range of  Washingtonia palms  , also known as fan palms or Mexican palms. This palm comes from southern California or Mexico. It is characterized by its ...

21 Oct 2020
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Buying Phoenix Canariensis wholesale guarantees you a beautiful landscape project that is easy to adapt to the terrain and climate

The Phoenix canariensis is the scientific name of the popularly known as the Canary Island palm. It is a palm tree that is easy to adapt to the terrain and of great beauty, so buying Phoenix canariensis wholesale guarantees an optimal solution for the development of your landscaping project....

30 Sep 2020
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What advantages does buying Washigtonia robusta wholesale offer you at VIVEROS SOLER?

One of the most common palm trees in our streets is the Whashigtonia robusta, popularly known as the fan palm, due to its magnificent adaptation to different types of soil and climates. If you want to buy Robusta Washigtonia wholesale, in VIVEROS SOLER you will find the specialists you need to...

23 Sep 2020
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