Giving a bonsai olive tree as a gift is in fashion. Now is the time to buy bonsai olive trees in bulk to satisfy the demand of your customers.

Giving plants is fashionable, as it helps develop ecological awareness. Therefore, it is time to place an order for your wholesale olive bonsai business. At VIVEROS SOLER we send  bonsai olive trees of different sizes and formats  to your establishment. We have large centennial...

10 Nov 2022
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VIVEROS SOLER, the best choice to buy regional wholesale olive trees

You will be surprised by the  great assortment of centenary olive trees  that we offer you at  VIVEROS SOLER  . If you are a wholesaler interested in buying olives for decoration, our regional olive wholesale offer will be very attractive to you. Our centenary olive trees...

3 Oct 2022
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Wholesale "pata" olive tree, an excellent choice as an ornamental tree

The latest trends in gardening place native plants as favorites in the design of parks and gardens since, being adapted to the environment, their establishment is accelerated and water wasted is avoided. At VIVEROS SOLER we have noticed a notable increase in the wholesale sale of “pata” olive...

9 Sep 2022
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Get ready for the coming season. It's time to stock up on your olive tree "young skin" wholesale business

Are you in charge of the gardening section of a department store? Do you have a nursery or a garden center? It is time to buy a wholesale “young skin” olive tree and be prepared for the next season since, given its great demand at a private level, it is a common plant in garden stores. The...

18 Aug 2022
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If you want to buy Lechín olive tree wholesale, you will be surprised by our varied stock

At VIVEROS SOLER we are specialized in the wholesale sale of Lechín olive trees.  The centenary Lechín olive tree is one of the trees most in demand by landscapers and developers  to embellish landscaped areas given its great beauty. This variety of olive tree is typical of...

1 Jul 2022
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Can't find millenary olive trees wholesale? Ask at VIVEROS SOLER

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find wholesale ancient olive trees in nurseries, especially in the Valencian Community, since, as they are included in the catalog of protected trees, it is forbidden to uproot them. In contrast, this does not happen in Catalonia, Andalusia or Castilla -...

13 Jun 2022
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Orders and Work done

Meet the news and the way of working of Ornamental Soler.

The idea of this section is to show works and loads made by Soler ornamental professionals so that they know firsthand the way we work and make an image of how we would handle your order. That is why we have selected a series of works and shown through photographs and explanations as we carry it out.

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