Wholesale multitrunk olive tree, an original option for public parks

Are you looking for a different solution to beautify walkways and roundabouts? The trend to return to native plants to beautify our gardens is in fashion. If you want a strong ornamental plant that needs little care, the wholesale multi-trunk olive tree is an excellent option. Your landscaping...

17 Jan 2022
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Wholesale of Cyca Revoluta soars at this time of year

The great popularity of this exotic plant makes it one of the most demanded ornamental plants to give for Christmas. For this reason, nurseries and garden centers are interested in buying Cyca Revoluta wholesale at this time of year. Cyca Revoluta  is popularly known by various...

16 Dec 2021
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With our wholesale lying olive trees your garden will look special

Do you want to create a different landscape in your garden? Are you designing an especially attractive rockery? Then use our wholesale knocked down olive trees and your landscaping projects will attract a lot of attention. The olive tree is one of the most emblematic trees in the Mediterranean...

12 Nov 2021
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Are you looking for an expert specialised in the wholesale of fruit trees?

If you are looking for an expert specialised in wholesale fruit trees, then contact VIVEROS SOLER. Browse our website and check the wide variety of fruit trees we have at your disposal: Stone and pip fruit trees: peach trees, loquat trees, pear trees ... Citrus trees: lemon and orange trees...

27 Oct 2021
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You will be amazed at the wide selection of wholesale exotic plants we have on our premises

Do you want to design a different garden that will attract the attention of your visitors? At VIVEROS SOLER we recommend the use of original plants that adapt easily to our climate. If you are looking for exotic plants wholesale, in our facilities you will find a wide variety of types, formats...

13 Sep 2021
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Do you want to buy high quality exotic plants wholesale at a very interesting price?

Exotic plants are understood to be those that are not common in the area where we live. As they originate from other countries, it is difficult for them to adapt to the climate. This circumstance is the reason why their cultivation tends to be somewhat complicated, which makes their price a...

16 Aug 2021
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Meet the news and the way of working of Ornamental Soler.

The idea of this section is to show works and loads made by Soler ornamental professionals so that they know firsthand the way we work and make an image of how we would handle your order. That is why we have selected a series of works and shown through photographs and explanations as we carry it out.

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